Q&A June ’17 – Threshold, BC Bike Race, PSI, BikePacking

Key Words: Threshold, BC Bike Race, PSI, BikePacking, Crossfit

We are into June 2017! Today is a collection of listener and client questions. Most are bike focused but several topics with strength, mobility, preparation and general health concepts discussed.

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What tire for a gravel based Mtb race? 


Hi Pete/Molly,

I am planning on competing in the BCBR stage race. I have a little over a year to train and would love some insight. I did the race in 2014 but I hit a wall on the 5th day. I finished in the 60s last time. 


Hello I’m a 57-year-old man lone cyclist wanting to travel from Fresno California to Morro Bay California …l don’t have a plan or have a guide on how to prepare for this where to start


-Determine what workouts are the best leading to a race
 a) event specific , equipment/gear/pacing/nutrition => Boosting confidence
  b) reducing volume/fatigue as event approaches, typically moving to more intense or ‘anaerobic’ intervals
  c) consider work capacity to improve the ability to recover (make every day like race day …)
  d) experience will guide this (I prefer 2 – 2.5 min and some tempo …)


Workouts to increase FTP?
=> Ride at ftp … likely longer and easier than you think.
Tips on how to measure my rivals and know if I am going too hard too early My limiter is my need for long recoveries.
After a hard race I am very fatigued for at least 3 days, and don’t have energy not even to do yoga


What do we think of CrossFit? 
       *Phil Maffetone article on risk:reward of intensity training generally https://philmaffetone.com/research-paradox/
It is hard to beat the camaraderie and community so embrace those aspects more than lifting heavy/fast (at least in first few years) … it is a new sport so be a beginner.


We talk CrossFit in a few past episodes:
Steve Neal – How to ride bikes fast without riding bikes  https://goo.gl/gRrnYY 
How to Row – Sara Hendershot – https://goo.gl/F9p11B  
 Skiing, Shooting, Biathlon – Daniel Markert –https://goo.gl/uyRyqj


Many endurance or high-intensity athletes get a lot of intense training in sport so may be better biased towards strength ( 3-5 good reps then go home) 


  => episode on strength with How to Get Strong with Power Lifting Robert Herbst –  https://goo.gl/iepAko is pretty good as well for more of a strength approach.

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