Live from Sea Otter: Hang out, Bike Fit, Physio w. Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson

This episode is recorded on location in Monterey California, near the Sea Otter Classic Bicycle Expo and race weekend. Molly talks to Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson, two Portland, Oregan based friends who love to ride bikes and hang out. They run the ‘We Got to Hang Out Podcast’ on the Wide Angle Podium Network.
The episode covers Bike Fit, issues women have with bike fit and cycling, the Sea Otter Classic and provides several exercises you can try at home to avoid common sports injuries.

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About them: “We’ve both spent the better part of a decade riding, racing, adventuring and working in the bike industry. Along the way, we’ve come to realize that cycling’s biggest rewards haven’t come from race results, but from the relationships, we’ve built and experiences we’ve shared. We started a podcast as an incentive to hang out and interview friends, cyclists, bike racers and whoever else strikes our fancy. We also felt there was a hole in the cycling storytelling landscape.
There are a lot of watts, calories and how-to’s and we’re all about celebrating adventure and sharing experiences with friends. Fueled on enthusiasm and moderate whiskey consumption, we record and produce our podcast from Annalisa’s living room and are learning as we go. So far, the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and we are really excited to keep building momentum. Our focus is primarily cycling, but we dream of being able to interview other heroes (like literally any member of Sleater-Kinney).”



How did you two meet: rides and PT for Abby, from Annalisa!

Cycling backgrounds: Abby is a Rapha ambassador, cyclist and runner (not a triathlete!); Annalisa is a former basketball player who moved to Austin and found a cycling club

Why start the “we got to hang out” podcast? Annalisa has a “pop culture void” and Abby was writing recommendations for her (in spreadsheet form!); and wanted to hang out and laugh together

Sea Otter: how has it been? So much amateur racing, racing PTSD

Annalisa, PT to podcast—balancing all that? “It’s hard. There’s a lot of editing that goes in with it, but I’m still so stoked, and you prioritize things that you’re stoked about.”

We’re all obviously heavily in the women’s cycling scene—how has it grown/changed since you started riding? how are we doing? Getting more women into cycling? “I don’t feel like it’s growing.” Is there a plateau in recruiting and maintaining racers?

Men’s versus women’s bike fits: what are primary considerations? Getting glutes to fire properly; that leads to hip issues (impingment, SI joint, low back pain, hamstring cramping issues). Not engaging glute means you get quad dominant

signs of a bad bike fit: discomfort, primarily!

Things you wish clients told you right away RE their bike fits? any place that’s uncomfortable! Discomfort can come from a lot of different interactions

People crash on one side more often than the other!!

Most common problems women have with their fit? underwear with the chamois! Or ignoring discomfort

Adjustments people should try on their own / shouldn’t try on their own? A guy was sitting off the saddle to one side and had some major pain.

Leg length discrepancy: function and true. Functional is most common because of pelvic misalignment. (She won’t add shims to shoes until she sees an Xray. And will always give people exercises to help become more symmetrical.)

Best exercises: GLUTE BRIDGES to get the glutes firing! Single leg version is really telling. (You don’t need fancy exercises. Simple!)

When is a bike just not the right size? People are on too big bikes ALL THE TIME.

Bike style: matching versus unmatched, high-vis and bright shoe covers as best safety features

Best advice for beginner women: get a bike fit,

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