April Q & A – Saddle Sores, Starting Running, Habit Changing

Habits, nutrition, saddle sores, tea tree, learn to run

This week is a Q& A week. Molly and Peter talk about some solutions for Saddle Sores, How to start running without getting injured, favorite books on nutrition, changing habits and nutritional habits and their favorite apps/gadgets.

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Show Notes:

  • what we’re up to:
  • altitude
  • squats for bicycling mag
  • getting over a cold, finally!

Question #1
Tea tree oil on saddle sores?

Question #2
I signed up for a race that involves running. I always hurt myself when I run.How avoid the doms and calf pain especially?
How to run:
a)  do 3 x a week with at least a day between each … but must do run walk. start 3-4 min walk / 1min run and gradually decrease walk time keeping runs at 1minute.
 – when you get to 1min walk: 1min runs start progressing run times by 1-2 min a week.
 – aim for 5k-5miles being comfortable and then you are pretty set to take on progressions or bigger challenges without a ton of preparation.
b) Work on your lunges, and do calf raises on stairs + calf mobilization (ie. move knee closer to wall) … these can (*and should*) all be done as warmup for run
c) Ensure your shoes are not super minimal. Especially if you tend towards calf/ankle/foot/hamstring pain.
d) If you are not road running in these events … stop running on the road or pavement!  Grass, sand, trail much better. Even if you are road running, don’t do that all the time and perhaps not at all to start.
e) Walk/hike uphill frequently to increase calf range of motion and calf strength (this is another way to start running and could replace 1-2 of your runs).
    ** make sure you keep feet straight and aim to gently* push heels to ground as you walk uphill .vs. walking on tippy toes.
   *keep your feet straight when you walk all day nd especially going up and downstairs to improve calf mobility = don’t use a compensation (turning foot out)
f) respect your tendons/ligaments => they take much longer to adapt than muscle so heed their warnings and progress slowly.
The book ‘ready to run‘ is a good primer on what is required to start running and will give you a bunch of mobility and strength and running cues.

Hey Peter and Molly
Have any good books I can pick up about diet? Guiding principles, things that have resonated with you. Or if you just have a list of things, molly’s work, articles, good websites etc.
 Matt Fitzgerald was on our podcast and has new book that really takes science and common practices of endurance athletes  – his book is linked at bottom of post
His book and views generally are the most moderate or common sense / no flashy diets … podcast summarizes much of book
Molly’s book offers a look at how you could eat for specific dietary ‘want’ and still be within a high performing diet by taking a science look weighed against professionals with varied diets => http://amzn.to/2nxakCW
  => Big gains from her book are the timing of nutrients (carbs around workouts, possible fasted rides, importance of protein etc.)
Allen Lim with Feedzone cookbook and his new one about ‘table’ (social context you eat in) is also on point and the cookbooks are easy recipes, including ride food.
4) Peter mentioned Robb Wolf’s Wired to Eat book and general importance of sleep, sun, monitoring stress.

Question #4 – Best gadget / app ? 
 -> Blue Tooth SPeaker
 -> HRV4 Training – Listen to our Podcast with Marco Altini and get the APP here

Question #5
Changing diet habits – how to stop desert or start eating breakfast? loose weight

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