Guiding Endurance Sport – Caroline Gaynor

KeyWords: Para-cycling, Parasport, guiding, tandems, paratriathlon, purpose, why, training
Caroline Gaynor joins us to tell us about her adventures guiding visually impaired endurance athletes in Ironmans. She talks about training around a full-time job, how to find guiding opportunities and discusses the highs and lows of putting your energy into helping someone experience crossing the finish line.



Carolyn and Molly raced road bikes collegiately together—for different schools and we didn’t know each other that well back then, but there’s a great photo of us racing at a crit together

Where to Find Guiding or to Become a Guide:


Caroline’s Racing/training bio

Transition to ironman / crazy endurance stuff from more ‘serious’ racing
-> if require a guide it is good to have many guides for training
When/How  did you get into guiding?
  – asked to cover an ironman 5 weeks out!
  – looking for ‘what was next’
Guiding experience ? 
– have guided 5 including one of first female guided blind athlete
– recruit new guides – hard to connect

What was different, what was the same?

what does training look like now for you?

Balance work and training
  – in college had way more time
  – get miles in for bike and run
  – most effort into bike when can
  – run when travel for work
    -> 2 min at 5k/1-2 min off
     -> treadmill ladders w. Increase speed
– bike- get a coach , use old workouts that have wirked in past .
          -More frequent changes if indoors
  – Caroline is a good swimmer so less time for that
  – strength and sleep

Best guiding experiences?

– Hawaii
– great finishes, 2 people across line
 – inspire others , overcoming challenges
Cost of guiding?? 
  – most experiences are as volunteer
   – respect other person’s goals and abilities, it is not a free trip

do you miss competing on your own?

which is more stressful: guiding or competing

how can other people get into guiding? 

what are some mistakes new guiding people make? 

best advice for swim guiding/bike guiding/run guiding

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