Q&A: Endurance Racing, Base Training, the Coach Process and More!


February’s Q&A is here and it’s a fun one!

Sprinting on the trainer:

The Coaching Process: how to become a coach

Endurance training:  Base Season and Training Camp Mistakes

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Peter mentioned his new coffee maker from David’s Tea – the Steeper

Molly mentioned her Iwatch which she wrote article about here

Sprinting on Trainer

The coaching process: Interested in learning about becoming a coach and the mentorship process. Tips, thoughts, process, ideas ?

Leadville feeding:
I was reading your ways to save time in Leadville here http://www.ridingleadville.com/2012/03/shaving-hour-off-your-leadville-time.html and found it very informative. My question is primarily around pacing to meet the time cutoffs in Leadville. The goal is 12 hours but my question is your thoughts on racing in upper HR zone 3 and 4 versus knowing this is an endurance event and racing zone 2 early. I know this depends a lot on how fast one can go in zone 2 but is racing in zone 4 a setup for failure / bonking / gastro problems with food absorption? I would love to hear your general thoughts on HR zones and how you feel regarding the LV100 and HR zones.

Base season:
Doing a camp or running your own, even at home
When to push, when to much is too much
Big surge in volume—what to expect?
Minimum time needed?


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