Erin Taylor – Why You Need Yoga in your life and how to Hit Reset

Learn why yoga, or some form of movement training and mobility practice is something you might want to do. Erin is the author of HIT RESET and this week she shares her view on  how to do yoga and why you might want to consider it as part of your moment routine. Both yoga-goers and yoga-avoiders will find utility in this episode

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Erin Taylor’s Bio:

As a collegiate basketball player, Erin thought yoga was boring at first, time that could be better spent on the court or in the weight room. It wasn’t until she was sidelined by a spinal injury from over-training that she discovered that there is a path of less resistance. Yoga was the “Reset” that helped her to bring things back into balance and, although no sport-specific yoga solutions existed at that time, she quickly realized what a powerful tool the practice is for optimizing athleticism and maximizing potential in all aspects of life.
Erin Taylor
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Erin is the author of HIT RESET and, over the last decade, has evolved Jasyoga with the goal of helping people to redefine and sustain balance in order to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Now running in the U.S., the U.K. and their video platform, Jasyoga has been widely embraced by athletes ranging from recreational to elite, and can be configured to help anyone achieve their sports and fitness goals. Getting practical, impactful solutions into the hands and hearts of as many people as possible remains Erin’s mission. And to keep it real along the way.


Show Notes

How Erin discovered and mastered yoga, and how she came to found JasYoga and write HIT RESET
Traditional yoga vs Jasyoga?
How can every athlete benefit from yoga?
Your book is called Hit Reset—can you explain the title?
How does yoga “solves problems”
Why is the calling mobility ‘yoga’ problematic in some ways?
One thing to do before going to a yoga class? /How to be into yoga without classes?
One-two move you do daily/would never skip?
Post-Ride Lunge
PHOTO CREDIT – Claire Pepper (
What’s a good check in move?
Best way for an athlete to start yoga? (solo, class, private session, etc.)
Best way to fix your general posture?
Bad at yoga= reason to do it!
Why does balance matter for athletes (outside of yoga)?
Are certain backgrounds or previous sports helpful to be ‘good’ at yoga?
Why are some people more limited then others ?
Explain stretching vs compensation?
Discussion of some mobility specific to different body parts, i.e how to mobilize hips/stretch shoulders/etc.
What do you wish athletes knew about yoga?
Pre-Ride Warm Up
PHOTO CREDIT – Claire Pepper (

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