Kyle Boorsma – How to Start Running, Beet Juice, RPE & Mental Tactics to finish races strong and Transitioning to Cycling

Several awesome conversations today with Kyle Boorsma. We talk about his running experience as an elite, as a coach and as a researcher looking at Beet-Root Juice. Several other discussions about his transitions to cycling from running and really useful and thought provoking back and forth on RPE (perceived exertion) and finding that ‘OH SHIT’ moment in the middle of a race as a GOOD thing. Hope you like it!



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Show Notes

   – @BlingBoorsma on Twitter

=> Watch Kyle’s Interview after a 1500m win ! LINK

1) WHO ARE YOU !?!?Kyle is the assistant coach to well-known, and very successful, coach Dave Scott Thomas with Speed River Running Club.  He is also a Varsity Champion in team events and individual events including – 2010 CIS Cross-Country Champion for teams and individuals, Part of Guelph’s 5 consecutive Team CIS and OUA Cross-Country Championships. Numerous CIS indoor champion for 1500 and 3000 meters.

When off his feet he found time to get a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and follow that up with a nutritional focused masters with exercise physiology focus. His thesis was on the use of Beet Root Juice (Nitrate) in Elite middle distance Runners. Finally he has taken up road cycling in a big way over the last couple years racing for the Devinci professional team out of Quebec this past season.


2) Education and Beets 
– Beet Root for ‘normal’ or ‘amateurs’ or ‘masters’ seems to have affect. For elites there are fewer (much fewer) responders.
*Read Kyle’s Masters
 – Try to find concentrated beet shots vs. the juice but the juice still likely beneficial for those people (non-elite)
 – Masters under Lawrence Spree who you can see on Gatorade commercials talking sport science and hydration.
3) Coaching  –> Coaches middle distance *800m to marathon
  -> Philosophy – threshold (aerobic power) such as 2 x 10 or 25 min hard or multiple 5 min efforts with adequate volume
3b) RPE – big discussion on what RPE (rate of percieved exertion) is and how to use in your training
             – example of RPE in racing and training
             – Kyle / Peter have similarly found they need to get to a point of ‘oh shit I won’t finish’ after first lap (peter) or mid-race (Kyle)
              – important to realize that you control your effort
                – running easy / endurance runs at conversational pace, not necessarily easy but able to talk and make conversation
4) How to Learn to Run 
      – start slow 20 min runs
        – get started, not super sciency
        – initial gains will be linear by ‘just running’
5) Kyle start bike racing 
      – troubled by Achilles Tendon Injury
        – Cycling seemed less limited by body (non-impact) so could work as hard as he had energy vs. being limited by Achilles (injury)
       – learning pack skills / what he has learned after a couple of years racing
     – found cycling different then running due to the team / game (tactics)  aspect

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