Rock Climbing, Small Business and Travel — Episode 10: Leslie Timms

Superb episode today talking to Collingwood, Ontario Rock Climber and climbing guide Leslie Timms. We dive deep on training, travel, strength/mobility and small business.


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1) Quick Bio -> what do you do in sport and business ? Where have you come from ?
Owner, Lead Guide at ‘On the Rocks’ based out of Thornbury ,Ontario
Approved PCGI Mentor =  (Professional Climbing Guide Institute)
Professional Climber with Arc’teryx La Sportiva, Sterling Rope, Flashed, Sanuk
1 day course / gym-to-rock transition courses

2) How do you train / what sports and/or disciplines ?
6 week period to get ready (stay climbing / fit year round )
power endurance – hold onto intensity/difficulty  = boulder 4 x 4min and see if can hold time to complete / ability to complete
hang boards – to build finger strength / grip strength / forearms / hangs
campusing ?? – a ladder with very small/shallow hand holds

2b) What does your strength training look like ?
Couple ‘TIPS’ posts on your blog include a strength routine

3) Beginner Climber – Where to start ?  (clinic ? skilled friend? type of climbing? any preparation tips?)
mistakes -> use arms too much / not pull
                      -> intermediate on rocks first time = route finding
limits in connective tissue ?? Skin Tips ? (see blog for blister care)
Kids taking over sport

4) what aspect do you think most ‘fit people’ lack when they try climbing ?
–indoor versus outdoor for training
         => endurance to hold / find route – how to manage arm pump on the wall
–transitioning from indoor to outdoor
  => gear to get – beginner shoes (la sportif the nago) , chalk-bag, harness
   => shoe buying tips – tight
–training for climbing without access to climbing ( if you are on road / weather not great OR someone getting ready to go climb)
  *Great post on leslie’s blog about a 2010 block of focused climbing HERE

5) Are there certain styles or approaches to rock climbing better suited to females versus males ??  Do you see certain trends/ approaches in males vs. females?
 *women tend to use technique v.s.  and hips close to wall
short people can get into certain positions (curved rocks etc. or pulling a big roof onto face)
In rock climbing as a sport is there equality ? (prize money, access to climbing spots/routes, sponsorship etc.?
 Dyno jump – instagram

6) Trip this past week – where were you and what all about ? 
   ->  developing a climb
   -> issues of laying routes. pros-cons of more people climbing.

7) Winter van /trailer life -> what have you found works best for van/trailer ?? 
– home or in van, any daily routines you keep up for general health/fitness?
– finding a routine when home the tough part !

9) Training Gear 
 – metolius grip saver – squeeze a ball – extensors   =
  arm aid – forearm roller   = for elbow =

9) Training with Husband – 
 = avoiding ‘maritals’
 = finding your own goals / purposes and respecting each others’ reasons for doing it

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