How We Train for Anything — Episode 9: Question and Answers


We take a break from interviews as we bank a couple really good ones for upcoming weeks.

This week we take questions from Podcast followers, Peter’s coaching clients and from readers of Molly’s Books 

Find out our top take-a-ways from the Consummate Athletes we have met in the first 8 episodes and answers to questions like ‘how to tell your friend not to wear under-wear under their cycling shorts’ and ‘what should I carry in a 100km mountain bike race’.


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1. Where to start your Consummate Athlete Journey? Beginner or reformed elite

– Walk

Anywhere Core Routine

– Yoga – Molly suggested Tara Styles Strala Yoga videos (free youtube here) 

2. How to loose weight / take-a-way from Molly’s nutrition book , loosing weight, protein

3. Tips for eating on the road

4. Tips for exercising on the road .

5. Marathon MTB Questions on gear / bike choice  – peter’s article on ‘leadville faster

6. Take-a-way from episodes so far

7. telling your friend to stop wearing underwear under their chamois ( Get saddle sore!)

8. training with significant other – tips / things we have tried.


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