Why You Should Track Your HRV — Episode 7: Marco Altini

Marco is a researcher and app developer from Italy. He has degrees in wearable technology and applied machine learning. Today you will learn how HRV can help anyone from new mothers to weekend warrior athletes to the most elite athletes optimize their health and performance.
Marco is the creator of HRV4Training, a smart phone app that is both simple and can be customized for different levels and applications. It is the best app I have found for tracking daily metrics, heart rate and HRV. The key features being the progressive Iphone Camera recording, that eliminates the need to carry a heart rate strap for morning measures.  
Check out Peter’s Post on HRV and using HRV4Training App HERE

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What we cover: 
how long monitor HRV before you can start seeing baseline /  trends
Can it indicate sick / infection
even using it seems somewhat meditative
Possible that for ‘regular’ people with jobs/families1 we see a better representation of overall stress due to training/sleep/diet/work/family and so indicate better when we are ready to handle hard training vs. just looking at training stress (i.e. Training stress score / TSS)
What is HRV in simple terms ?
   -> can you differentiate your HRV Score from HRV ?
How did you end up in app development ? Did you know during your science/engineering university education that you wanted to be involved in entrepreneurship ?
 Is HRV monitoring worth using for someone who is not fit ? Getting back into fitness? not trying to win world champs ?
  -> what could Molly get out of using HRV/The App ??? She is a busy person – always on phone/social – frequent travel, active daily, limited competition but  desire to be fit and look good
 -> article in Medium about hrv for life stress / work productivity (was higher hrv on productive days/weeks)
”  However, when looking at baseline HRV measurements averaged over a week, for a person that is not a professional athlete, values were much more representative of life stress and of the overall load I was putting on myself.”
How would an athlete use the information on a day to day (or on a double day of training) ?
 – could it help me decide the best day to go hard or do a certain type of sport/exercise ?
 Peter’s use of HRV4Training
  -> when you should consider taking HRV seated
  ->  What Heart rate would indicate it is time to take reading seated vs. laying?
   -> Would you advise using the HR chest strap vs. finger if available?
  -> what is ideal duration of reading ?
Coach App – what can a coach get from using this app ?
          – metrics + HRV
           – Training peaks integration (now with more metrics !)
Biggest mistakes / misunderstandings with HRV/recovery Heart rate measuring
What is bloom life? How are you/they trying to help with pregnancy ?
 – App that is looking at HRV and other metrics/tracking in pregnancy
 – heart rate  – interested in changes in Heart rate and HRV in baby as it grows and over course of pregnancy
– sensor on belly w. patch and track baby heart/uterus , fetal hr
 – clinical studies
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Read about Molly’s month of HRV testing and what she’s learned from it.

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