How a Coach Coaches Himself — Episode 6: Josh Whitmore

This is a great episode with Josh Whitmore. We touch on a few concepts we will keep coming back to including relationships while doing multiple sports, fitting it all in, training for multiple sports, when to specialize and when to ‘retire’.
Josh also brings some interesting stories about growing up on a commune and transferring that communal living and living off-the-grid to being an adventure guide and eventually finding a more routine lifestyle teaching outdoor skills in a college setting.


1-6min = Nationals Cyclocross this past year in North Carolina – logistics and being scared of crisis after Austin trees and weather.
6 – 13 min – growing up on a Western-North Carolina commune. Prototype 70’s power generation. Off-the Grid Living.
               – Transitioning from communal living to traditional high-school
14min – How did you get into Mountain biking – started on road to get to school and around.
16min – racing mtb
18min – racing mtb and boom days of the 1990s in MTB, racing elite  in MTB . Europeans coming to race mtb.
20min – Transition from MTB to Outward Bound and mountaineering after not winning in MTB
                – Comparison of doping culture to wrestling vs. WWE
                – dealing with ‘early’ retirement when found out how hard MTB racing was. Giving up the ‘PRO’ lifestyle, including a salary to race
23min – how does a cyclist go to Outward Bound ? Learning to be an outdoor educator, different outdoor sports. Fitting college in and finding a career path.
       – What is Outward Bound?
         – How sense of community related back to days in Commune while in an outdoor ed. environment.
27min – North Carolina for outdoor sport – a good spot to learn sports on year-round basis
             – Rock Climbing. North Carolina has a lot of public land and is under-rated for climbing and paddling .
               – not much for snow sport, some skiing if enough snow.
               – having a year-round sport upbringing changing your mindset on year-round movement irregardless of weather.
31min – How job helped build repertoire of sports.
          – how the lifestyle of adventure travel, life on the road is good but does get old .
          – meeting wife on outward bound courses, spent 3 months a year together to start.
          – transition to home-base lifestyle, working admin  with some field duties and education
34min – Getting back into cycling and coaching
          – while back at Masters / Grad School
           – Collegiate cycling and weekly rides to help get out and exercise during works week.
36 min –  Need for flow state, exercise as an introvert
           – racing as a way to force into flow state, where challenge meets skill level
           – ‘racer-disease’ – racing to much and reducing fitness
           – Strava vs. racing
           – Bill Strickland on racing “Better is faster, but cyclists usually choose faster” – we forget skills to pursue short-term gain/FTP  *
39min – Racing for sake of racing vs. winning
          – Coaching multi-sport and cycling
          – combining self-worth to results = separate self. Important for young riders to learn .
41min – Coaching – Favorite Athlete to work with – Master’s athletes pursing an event
                          – importance of fundamentals and structure
                          – cycling to help discovery of self in life.
46min – planning for adventure / multi-sport
              – skill analysis
                 – progress from where you are to the goal .
48min– need for baseline endurance to help allow you to pursue sports, perform/practice skills
51min – Swiss Army Knife analogy of skills / capacities needed for multi-sport lifestyle
              – grip strength?
              – sacrifices to do better in one area of life/sport. Better at cycling = better at upper body strength (e.g. rock climb)
              – how cardio/cycling fitness might help with reserve to tackle sport like rock climb, even with lower strength
54min – Need for all-around ability, range of motion, capacity to move even if you are elite in a sport (pointy-end of the stick)
            – adding in other sports to a sport-specific training plan.
59min – sport with a significant other – how to manage training, exercising, adventure with your partner.
            – Molly tells story about crashing before Peter’s race.
             – relationship advice –
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– Mud, Snow and Cyclocross
 – Saddle, Sore

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